What is this place, and what’s a red thread have to do with it?

The “red thread” or roter Faden, is a German idiom for the common theme or train of thought in an idea. You “find the red thread” if you know what’s going on, you “lose the red thread” if you have no idea what someone’s talking about. Which one of those is this site? Hopefully the first, but if I’m honest, it’ll probably be a little of both.

But I can hopeful give you a reason to stick around if:

A) you like reading and talking about stories,

B) you’re interested in my thoughts on whatever crosses my mind and ends up moving my fingers on a keyboard, and:

C) you want to talk about those things and whatever interests you, and:

D) you’re interested in my other writing projects, which I’ll talk about incessantly when they come out.

Either way, it should be fun. Thanks stopping by. Find a seat and set a spell.